November 5, 2003 AIRNET Progress

9:00-10:30 Opening and plenary session
Nuovo Teatro
10.30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00- 16:00 WG sessions, poster session,
LUNCH from 13:00-14:00
11:00-13:00 Exposure Salviati (Hotel Columbus)
11:00-13:00 Risk and Health Impact Assessment Piccola Spezieria
12:00-15:00 Toxicology Nuovo Teatro
14:00-16:00 Epidemiology Salviati (Hotel Columbus)
14:00-16:00 Science Policy Interface Piccola Spezieria
16:00-16:30 Tea Break
16:30-17:30 Plenary session
  • Future directions in AIRNET
  • Communication with stakeholders & dissemination of results
  • 3d Annual Conference Prague October 21-24, 2004
Nuovo Teatro
17:30-18:00 Miniworkshop/Case study: the HEAPPS project Nuovo Teatro
19:00 Refreshments and buffet at Santo Spirito


November 6, 2003 Science Policy Interface

A.M. Chair: Michal Krzyzanowski, WHO Nuovo Teatro
8:30 Keynote Address
Perspectives on the Science - Policy Interface
Ken Ogilvie, Pollution Probe
Barriers and Gaps to Information Effectiveness at the Science-Policy Interface
David Briggs, Imperial College London
9:00 Background Paper
Health Effects and Impact Assessment - Evidence for Policy
Jonathan Samet, Johns Hopkins University
9:20 Overview of Health Effects Posters
Dan Krewski, University of Ottawa
9.35 Plenary Discussion
9:50 Background Paper
Air Quality Modeling as a Tool for Policy Development
Neville Reid, Ontario Ministry of the Environment
10:05 Discussion of Air Modeling
Neville Reid, Ontario Ministry of the Environment
10.15 Plenary Discussion
10.30 Break
10:50 Background Paper
Policy Tools
Ari Rabl, Ecole des Mines, Jatin Nathwani, Hydro One
11:05 Overview of Air Policy Tools Posters
Kenneth Davidson, Abt Associates Inc.
11.20 Plenary Discussion
11:35 Technology Contributions to Clean Air Panel
Chair: Tony Clarke-Sturman, Shell International Petroleum Company Ltd.
12.30 Lunch + Posters
P.M. Chair: Martin Williams, UK Dept. of Environment Nuovo Teatro
13:45 Background Paper
Policy Options and Strategies
Leendert van Bree, RIVM & John Vandenberg, USEPA
14:00 Overview of Policy Option Posters
Fintan Hurley, Institute of Occupational Medicine
14.30 Plenary Discussion
14:30 PAPER PRESENTATIONS (3 Parallel Sessions)
Paper Session 1: Health Chair: Heather Walton, Department of Health UK Nuovo Teatro
Ross Anderson, WHO Task Force
Estimation of risk coefficients for health impact assessment of ambient air pollution in Europe
Ferran Ballester, Valencian School of Studies for Health
Air pollution & cardiovascular admission shortterm relationship in 15 Spanish cities: Results within the Emecas Project
Annelie Behndig, University Hospital
Diverging airway inflammatory responses to diesel exhaust exposure in health and asthmatic subjects with and without inhaled corticosteroid treatment
Aaron Cohen, Health Effects Institute
Measuring the health impacts of actions to improve air quality: The HEI research program
Paper Session 2: Tools Chair: John Shortreed, NERAM Piccola Spezieria
Larry Gephart, ExxonMobil Petroleum and Chemical
Estimating the health impact of ground level ozone attributed to VOC emissions: An alternative science-based approach
Fintan Hurley, Institute of Occupational Medicine
Issues in estimating the public health impacts of ambient air pollution - what are the morbidity impacts that matter, and what are the main sources of uncertainty?
Pierpaolo Mudu, WHO
Hearts project: Building a tool for the assessment and integration of health impacts from urban transport systems
Brian Miller, Institute of Occupational Medicine
Developments in impact assessment for chronic effects on cause-specific mortality
Paper Session 3: Modelling/Cases Chair: Francesca Dominici, Johns Hopkins University Sala del Commendatore
Michael Jerrett, McMaster University
Modeling the intra-urban variability of ambient traffic pollution in Toronto, Canada
Markus Amann, IIASA
An integrated assessment of air pollution control strategies for Europe
Jeff Brook, Environment Canada
Windsor/Quebec City case study
15.30 Break
Group 1
Chair: Tony Clarke-Sturman, Shell International Petroleum Company Ltd.
Rapporteur: Francesca Dominici, Johns Hopkins University
Group 2
Chair: Leendert van Bree, RIVM
Rapporteur: Roger Keefe, Imperial Oil Ltd.
Group 3
Chair: Ken Ogilvie, Pollution Probe
Rapporteur: Francesco Forastiere, Rome E Health Authority
Group 4
Chair: Peter Berry, Health Canada
Rapporteur: Peter van den Hazel, ISDE
Nuovo Teatro
19:00 Conference Dinner Hotel Columbus
Speaker: Dario Esposito, Head, Department of Environment, Rome City Council


November 7, 2003 Air Quality Policy Strategy Options

A.M. Chair: Callum Searle, European Commission - Research Directorate-General Nuovo Teatro
8:30 Rapporteur Reports and Discussion
9:15 Plenary Session
Science-Policy Integration for Effective Clean Air Strategies: International Policy Perspectives (break at 10:15)
11:45 Charge to Delegates and Plenary Discussion
Peter Wicks, CAFE & John Vandenberg, USEPA
Food for thought over lunch
12.00 Plenary Discussion
12.15 Lunch + Posters
P.M. Chair: Peter Wicks, CAFE , John Vandenberg, USEPA  
"Selection of Priority Policy Strategies for Clean Air and Health"
14:45 Reporting of Break out Group Discussion
15:00 Plenary
General Discussion and Preferences "Identification of Best Options and Strategies"
15:45 Closing Remarks
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