International Perspectives on Air Quality:
Risk Management Principles for Policy Development

January 31 – February 1, 2005
National Institute for Public Health, Cuernavaca, Mexico

About the Colloquia Series



  • International Clean Air Initiatives
  • Local, Regional & Global Approaches to Air Quality Management
  • Innovative Transboundary Air Quality Initiatives
  • Science & Policy Lessons for Air Quality Management
  • Directions for Capacity Building for Air Quality Policy Developments
  • Decision Making Principles & Best Practice for Air Quality Management


The NERAM Colloquium series on Air Quality: Interpreting Science for Decision-makers is a series of five annual meetings to facilitate the interface between scientific findings on air quality issues and the development of evidence-based policies to protect public health. This 4th meeting in the series will focus on the following themes to provide a global perspective on the development and implementation of air quality management policies at the international, national, regional, state, and local levels:

• How is scientific evidence used in establishing air quality objectives around the world?

• What factors other than science (i.e. technology, cost, risk policy) have influenced the standard setting process?

• What science and policy lessons have been learned from evaluation of the development and implementation of national, regional, state, and city level air quality management strategies?

• How can airshed-based policies effectively address transboundary air pollution issues?

• What is required to build the capacity of organizations to develop and implement effective air quality policies?

The Colloquium objective is to establish principles for air quality management based on the identification of international best practice in air quality policy development and implementation.

Senior air quality policy makers from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, India and Africa will set the stage for an international comparative analysis of regulatory and non-regulatory approaches to air quality management through the presentation of air quality management strategies at the federal, state and local levels. The presented papers will describe advancements in air quality policy approaches in both developed and developing countries including intersovereign policy issues in transboundary airshed regions, strategies for attaining air quality standards in major urban centres, and developments in technology-based approaches.



The Colloquium will be of interest to senior air quality policy makers and air quality managers in both developed and developing countries at the international/national/provincial/state levels, air quality policy researchers, industry and business representatives, and health and environment non-governmental organizations.





Keynote Speakers:

Luis Galvao, Pan American Health Organization
Martin Williams, UK Department of Environment
Leendert van Bree, NEAA RIVM/AIRNET
Guilherme Franco, Ministry of Health, Brazil
Mauricio Hernandez, National Institute for Public Health, Mexico
John Vandenberg, USEPA
Gord Owen, Environment Canada
Bart Croes, California EPA
Quentin Chiotti, Pollution Probe
Michael Krzyzanowski, WHO European Region
Tony Clarke-Sturman, Shell International
Jon Samet, Johns Hopkins University
Carlos Santos-Burgoa, Secretariat of Health, Mexico
Adrián Fernández-Bremauntz, Mexican Ministry for the Environment Anumita Roychowdhury, Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi



Air Quality Management in Europe

Martin Williams - UK Department of Environment - Air Quality Risk Management
Michal Krzyzanowski - WHO European Region - WHO Air Quality Guidelines for Europe
Martin Williams - UK Department of Environment - The Clean Air for Europe Program (CAFE)

Air Quality Management in the Americas

Adrián Fernández-Bremauntz - Mexican Ministry for the Environment - Air Quality Management in Mexico (including transboundary initiatives)
Guilherme Franco Netto - Ministry of Health, Brazil - Air Quality Management in Brazil
Michael Bradley - M.J. Bradley & Associates - NRC Report on Air Quality Management in the US: Progress, Challenges and Future Directions
Bart Croes - California EPA - Strategies to Attain Air Quality Objectives in the State of California

Transboundary Air Quality Strategies and Policy Issues

Ila Cote (presenter), John Vandenberg - US EPA - Air Quality Management in the US: Local, Regional, and Global Approaches
Jane Barton - Environment Canada - Canada-wide Standards and Innovative Transboundary Air Quality Initiatives
Michal Krzyzanowski - WHO European Region - Impacts of Convention on Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution on Air Quality in Europe

Air Quality Management in Developing Regions

Kong Ha - CAI-Asia Chairperson - Clean Air Initiatives in Asia
Alan Krupnick - Resources for the Future - Capacity Building for Environmental Management and Emissions Trading in Taiyuan, China



Gretchen Stevens, Andrew Wilson, and James K. Hammitt. Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, Boston, MA - The Benefits and Costs of Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel in Mexico
Kelly Kishiuchi and David J. Wilson, Combustion and Environment Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Alberta - Developing an Effective Exposure Assessment Tool for Estimating Odour Annoyance from Point Sources of Air Pollution

Alexander Golub, Elena Strukova - Environmental Defense, Washington DC, Simon Avaliani - Medical Academy, Moscow, and Michael Brody - US Environmental Protection Agency - Washington DC - Evaluation and Identification of Priority Air Pollutants for Environmental Management on the Basis of Risk Analysis in Russia
Stephanie Gower, Stephen McColl, John Hicks, John Shortreed, Lorraine Craig - University of Waterloo - Development of a Health Effects based Priority Ranking System for Air Emissions Reductions from Oil Refineries in Canada





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Thank you :

Addy Mitchell and Quentin Chiotti for submitting your memories of the Colloquium IV Conference in Cuernavaca, Mexico 2005




The Colloquium proceedings will be published as a Special Issue of the
Journal of Toxicology of Environmental Health. Speakers are asked to submit a paper for peer review to Addy Mitchell (
before March 1, 2005. Please include references and an abstract of not more than 250 words.

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