NERAM V Colloquium 2006 Strategic Policy Directions for Air Quality Risk Management, October 16-18, 2006, Vancouver BC, Canada

Guidance Document and Power Point Presentations
updated Feb. 11/08

Policy Analysis Tools for Air Quality and Health
May 19th 2005 Workshop

New Proposal
(A workshop to Demonstrate Existing Models to Evaluate Air Quality Interventions by Municipalities)


News Release -
February 7, 2007

NERAM IV Colloquim 2005 International Perspectives on Air Quality:
Risk Management Principles for Policy Development, January 31 – February 1, 2005, Cuernavaca, Mexico

NERAM III Colloquium 2003 Strategies for Clean Air and Health, November 5-7, 2003, Rome, Italy

NERAM II Colloquium 2002 Interpreting Epidemiological Studies of Acute & Long Term Exposure to Particulate Matter for Policy Development, November 21-22, 2002, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

NERAM I Colloquium 2001
Implications of Health Effects Research for Policy Decisions on Particulate Matter, January 29-30, 2001, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada










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