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Risk Management & Communication


Affordable Safety By Choice: The Life Quality Method
J.S. Nathwani, N.C. Lind, M.D. Pandey, 1997. Paperback ($45) ISBN 0-9696747-9-1

Drinking Water Safety, A Total Quality Management Approach 2003. Paperback ($50) ISBN 0-9684982-3-X

CAN/CSA-Q850-97 Risk Management: Guideline for Decision-Makers
Published by: Canadian Standards Association, 1997. Paperback ($38) ISSN 0317-5669

Energy for 300 Years: Benefits and Risks
J.S. Nathwani, E. Siddall, N.C. Lind, 1992. Paperback ($50) ISBN 0-969287-07-0

Mad Cows and Mother's Milk: The Perils of Poor Risk Communication
D. Powell, W. Leiss Published by: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1997. Paperback ($20) ISBN 0-7735-1619-0

Managing Risks in the Public Interest
(Second Printing) N.C. Lind, J.S. Nathwani, E. Siddall, 1991. Paperback ($40) ISBN 0-9692870-6-2

Principles of Communication Risks
Jean Mulligan, Elaine J. McCoy, and Angela Griffiths, Published by: MacLeod Institute for Environmental Analysis, 1998. Spiral ($38) ISBN 0-9683618-0-3

Prospects and Problems in Risk Communication
Edited by W. Leiss, 1989. Paperback ($20) ISBN 0-88898-095-7

Readings in Risk
Edited by T.S. Glickman, M. Gough, Published by: Resources for the Future, 1990. Paperback ($35) ISBN 0-915707-55-1

Risk: Analysis, Perception & Management
Published by: U.K. Royal Society, 1992. Paperback ($45) ISBN 0-85403-467-6

Value Assumptions in Risk Assessment: A Case Study of the Alachlor Controversy
C. Brunk, L. Haworth, B. Lee, Published by: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 1991. Paperback ($20) ISBN 0-88920-200-1


A Framework for Assessing and Combining Evidence for the Carcinogenicity of Environmental Agents: A Prototype System, 1996 ($30)

Health and Safety Policies: Guiding Principles for Risk Management, 1993 ($10)

Multi-Stakeholder Negotiation in Environmental Controversies: The Case of Anti-sapstain Chemicals in the British Columbia Wood Products Industry, 1992 ($15)


29. A Question of Standards, L. Salter, 1992

'36. Addressing Decision Making Capacity in Northern Communities: An Integrative Approach, Furgal, 1996

37. Application of the Life-Quality Index to the Risk-Cost-Benefit Analysis of Quarries Operation in Kuwait, Al-Ali, Pandey, 1998

33. Computer Probramming in English, E. Siddall, 1993

11. Cross-Entropy Estimation of Random Variables with Fractile Constraints, N. Lind, V. Solana, 1988

31. Guide to Consultation Processes, W. Leiss, 1993

15. Information Theory and Estimation of Random Variables, N.C. Lind, 1989

17. Issues and Challenges in Risk Communication and the Mass Media, edited by L. Craig, 1990

20. Management of Risks in the Public Interest: A Study of the Social and Economic Impacts of Energy, J.S. Nathwani, N.C. Lind, E. Siddall, 1990

4. Objective Probabilities for Unique Objects, A.M. Hasofer, 1983

5. On the Processing of Doubtful Information: Part 1: General Theory, E. Rosenblueth, 1983

6. On the Processing of Doubtful Information: Part 2: Gaussian Distributions, E. Rosenblueth, C. Ferregut, 1983

35. Risk and Its Metaphors, J. Whittaker, 1994

18. Risk-Benefit Balancing in Risk Management: Measures of Benefits and Detriments, J.S. Nathwani, N.C. Lind, E. Siddall, 1990

1. Survival Discount Rates, L. Needleman, 1982


Human Health


Development of Environmental Health Status Indicators
Edited by R.S. McColl, 1992. Paperback ($30) ISBN 0-9692870-9-7

Environmental Health Risks: Assessment and Management
Edited by R.S. McColl, 1987. Cloth ($24) ISBN 0-88898-076-0

Risk of Death in Canada: What We Know and How We Know It
S. Thomas, S. Hrudey. Published by: University of Alberta Press, 1997. Paperback ($20) ISBN 0-88864-299-7


Country Foods: Benefits and Risks - A Resource Document for Nunavik and Labrador, 1999 ($25)

Inuit Perspectives on Environmental Contaminants: Report on Avativut/Illusivut Risk Management Workshops in Nunavik and Labrador, 1996 ($25)

Benchmark Risks for Use in Risk Assessment, 1991 ($20)


32. Correlation Between Carcinogenic Potency and the Maximum Tolerated Dose: Implications for Risk Assessment, D. Krewski, D.W. Gaylor, A.P. Soms, M. Szyszkowicz, 1993

2. Dose Response Model for Time to Response Toxicity Data, J.D. Kalbfleisch, D. Krewski, J. Van Ryzin, 1983.

28. Dose-Response Relationships in Carcinogenesis, D. Krewski, M.J. Goddard, J.M. Zielinski, 1992

13. A Study of Mortality in Canadian Cities, E. Siddall, 1989

12. Smoking: Science, Ethics and Action, E. Siddall, 1988



Climate Change, Uncertainty and Decision-Making
Edited by G. M. Paoli, 1994 Paperback ($25) ISBN 0-9696747-3-2

Energy Alternatives: Benefits and Risks
Edited by H.D. Sharma, 1990. Paperback ($25) ISBN 0-88898-092-2

Municipal Solid Waste Management: Making Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty
Edited by M.E. Haight, 1991. Paperback ($40) ISBN 0-88898-103-1


Assessing the Environmental Effects of Disposal Alternatives for Household Batteries, 1992 ($20)

Economic and Environmental Implications of the Hazardous Waste Trade on West Africa, 1991 ($10)

Exposure Assessment of Airborne Contaminants at the Elk Falls Pulp Mill: Phase II, 1996 ($20)

Exposure Assessment of Airborne Dioxins and Furans Emitted from the EDC/VCM Facility at the Dow Chemical Canada Fort Saskatchewan Site, 1995 ($20)

Environmental Health Risk in Ontario: Measurement & Data Issues, 1997 ($10)

Environmental Impacts of Household Battery Use in Canada, 1997 ($10)

Health Risk Assessment of Airborne Dioxin and Furan Emissions at the Elk Falls Pulp Mill, 1994 ($25)

Preliminary Characterization of Agricultural Dioxin Exposure, 1997 ($10)

Preliminary Review of the U.S. EPA Standards for the Use and Disposal of Sewage Sludge Final Rule Document, 1993 ($15)

Review of Environmental and Health Risk Assessment by the Ontario and Canadian Governments of Toxic Substances in the Great Lakes Basin: Phase One, 1992 ($15)

Synthesis of Reviews of Risk Assessment Methods of the United States and Canada and of the Jurisdictions Around the Great Lakes: Phase Two, 1992 ($15)

Workshop Summary Report for Municipal Solid Waste Management: Making Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty, 1991 ($8)


19. Conflict Analysis of an Acid Rain Dispute, L. Fang, K.W. Hipel, D.M. Kilgour, 1990

24. Enforcement of Environmental Laws and Regulations: A Literature Review, L. Fang, K.W. Hipel, D.M. Kilgour, 1992

22. Global Energy Use and Energy Alternatives in Relation to Economic and Social Well-Being, J. S. Nathwani, E. Siddall, N.C. Lind, 1990

30. Resources and Environmental Policy, J. Narveson, 1992

27. Risks in Environmentalism - Comments on the Green Plan, C.R. Bennett, 1992

34. The Unintended Social Risks of Nuclear Waste Disposal, J.S. Nathwani, 1994


Report 1: Current Directions in Environmental Risk Assessment and Mangement, 1999 ($30)

Report 2: Managing Climate Change Risk, 1999 ($25)

Report 3: Information Gaps and Uncertainties in the IP/RP Compendium Documents and their Impact on Strategic Options, 1999 ($30)

Report 4: Environmental Health Risk Management: A Primer for Canadians, S. McColl, J. Hicks, L. Craig, J. Shortreed, 2000 ($35)

Report 5: Precautionary Principle and Children's Health, L. Craig (ed.), 2001 ($30)

Report 6: Benchmark Framework for Risk Management, J.H. Shortreed, L. Craig, S. McColl, 2001 ($20)

Report 7: Basic Frameworks for Risk Management, J.H. Shortreed, J. Hicks, L. Craig, 2003 ($25)

Report 8: Strategies for Clean Air and Health, 2005 ($45)

Air Pollution and Public Health: A Guidance Document for Risk Managers, 2007 ($50)

Industrial Safety


Process Safety and Loss Management in Canada, Proceedings of the First Biennial Conference 1993
Edited by C. Robinson & L. Wilson, 1995. Paperback ($25) ISBN 0-9696747-5-9

Software Safety: Everybody's Business
Edited by D. Del Bel Belluz & H.C. Ratz, 1994. Paperback ($30) ISBN 0-9696747-4-0

Technical Risk Issues in Business and Regulatory Decision-Making
Edited by D. Del Bel Belluz, J. Shortreed, 1996. Paperback ($40) ISBN 0-9696747-8-3


Critical Review of the Risk Analysis Report of the St. Lawrence Pipeline Project, 1993 ($10)

Safety Productivity Forum Proceedings, 1992 ($20)


14. Conflict Analysis of the Darlington Nuclear Power Dispute, L. Fang, K.W. Hipel, D.M. Kilgour, 1989

10. Conflict Analysis of Technological Risk, X. Yin, K.W. Hipel, N.C. Lind, 1987

7. Discounting in Risk Analysis: Capital vs. Human Safety, M.E. Pat-Cornell, 1983

3. Management of Gross Error in Design and Construction of Structures, N.C. Lind, 1983

23. Measurement of Safety in Relation to Social Well-Being, N. Lind, J. Nathwani, E. Siddall, 1990

26. Optimal Safety Levels Via Social Indicators, N.C. Lind, J.S. Nathwani, 1992

21. Safety, Social Well-Being and Its Measurement, J. S. Nathwani, N.C. Lind, E. Siddall, 1990

25. Strategic Analysis of the Detroit Incinerator Conflict, S. Soltani, J.H. Shortreed, K.W. Hipel, 1992



Risk Management for Dangerous Goods
Edited by J.H. Shortreed, 1989. Paperback ($15) ISBN 0-88898-089-2

Transportation of Dangerous Goods: Assessing the Risks
Edited by F.F. Saccomanno & K. Cassidy, 1993. Cloth ($45) ISBN 0-9696747-1-6

Truck Safety: Perceptions and Reality
Edited by F. Saccamanno & J. Shortreed, 1996. Paperback ($55) ISBN 0-9696747-7-5


Accident Analysis for the St. Lawrence River Channel, 1999 ($10)

Arctic Tanker Risk Assessment - Phase 3, 1996 ($10)

Assessing the Risks of Transporting Dangerous Goods by Truck and Rail - Part 1 & Part 2, 1989 & 1988 ($20)

Comparative Assessment of Risk Model Estimates for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail, 1993 ($20)

Development of a Risk Based Procedure for Evaluating Transport of Dangerous Goods Policies, 1991 ($15)

Joint Rail Use: A Risk Analysis and Risk Assessment Guide, 1998 ($15)

Marine Safety Analysis and Functional Evaluation (SAFE) System: Development of the Risk Analysis Module (RAM), 1995 ($10)

Methodological Review of the Ship Safety Study, 1991 ($15)

Review of the Transportation Risk Assessment Submitted by Chem-Security (Alberta) Ltd. for Proposed Expansion of Swan Hills Waste Treatment Centre, 1991 ($10)

Risk Analysis of Marine Navigation Aids: Comparison of WAMS and MNSS Results, 1997 ($10)

Risks of LPG Ship Movement on the St. Lawrence, 1991 ($10)

Study on Transportation Accidents Risk Analysis and Assessment, 1989 ($15)

Transportation Risk Assessment for the Alberta Special Waste Management System, 1994 ($30)

What is the Risk: Consensus Report from the International Conference on the Risk of Transporting Dangerous Goods, 1993 ($10)


9. Interactive Selection of Minimum Risk Routes for Dangerous Goods Shipments, F.F. Saccomanno, M. Van Aerde, D. Queen, 1986

16. Statistical Analysis of Accident Rates for Large Trucks of Differing Configuration, F.F. Saccomanno, S. Read, 1989

8. Transportation of Dangerous Goods: Some Policy Options, J.H. Shortreed, 1985

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