Executive Workshop:
Implementing Risk Management in 2008

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May 9, 2008
Toronto ON

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Risk Management Best Practice is ISO 31000John Shortreed

How You Can Implement ISO 31000 in an OrganizationGrant Purdy

Implementing Risk Management for Climate ChangeDale Cooper

Current Canadian Status of Implementing Risk ManagementMatthew Hilbert

One Approach to Holding Successful Integrated Risk Management WorkshopsJohn Lark



A Personalized and Practical workshop – find answers on implementing risk management by interacting with leading international experience in successful implementation of risk management. Australia’s Grant Purdy who implemented enterprise risk management in BHP Billiton and Dale Cooper whose book on Project Risk Management is used around the world will headline the risk experts. John Shortreed, Director of IRR has 25 years experience in the evolution of risk management in unique situations culminating in being a Canadian expert to the new ISO 31000 standard on risk management that truly represents international best practice. Matthew Hilbert, an independent consultant who has consulted worldwide on financial risks, knows the environment, capabilities and support for implementing risk management in Canada.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Find out how you can implement risk management in your organization, this is not stars in the sky but a down and dirty how to workshop.
  2. Learn about best practise in implementing risk management that has emerged in the ISO 31000 risk management standard.
  3. Find out why common roadblocks such as “How to merge strategic risk management with Operational, HSEC (Health, Safety, Environment and Community) risk management challenges?” are eliminated by best practice approaches.
  4. Take away ‘based-on-experience solutions’ for success and to counter common threats to effective risk management.
  5. Discover how risk management supports sustainability.
  6. Deal with all the critical issues of the 15 participants, based on personal pre-workshop interviews and workshop discussions

In the next 5 years leading companies will move to an holistic total organization proactive approach to managing uncertainty. This will combine existing methods for credit risk, operational risk, fiscal liquidity, regulatory compliance, project risk, climate change, carbon management, green policies, and other now independent risk management activities where some of the big risks fall through the cracks. They will do this in order to improve overall risk management support for strategic decisions involving threats and opportunities rather than depending on crude and often uninformative summaries of impacts.

The workshop is organized by the IRR (Institute for Risk Research), University of Waterloo, and
supported by Broadleaf Capital International. The IRR would like to thank the ISO 31000
working group who have successfully captured the current best practise for risk management.

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